How much money should be set aside for an engagement ring

Proposals can be quite stressful. Not only because you want the moment to be perfect, but the answer itself creates additional pressure. Still, if you have decided to take that step, you know for sure that the answer will be positive, but do you know which ring your better half would like?
In addition to that dilemma, there is another one — How much money should you spend on a ring that your beautiful half will wear for the rest of your life?

People are, as always, divided, so while some make fun of inconspicuous and discreet engagement rings, others do not like those decorated with large stones.

engagement rings
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Tradition, on the other hand, dictates that three monthly salaries should be spent on the ring, but this, of course, varies depending on how much someone earns. However, trends seem to change, and experts say that the current average is the amount of money allocated for an engagement ring one monthly salary.

What is also new is that couples choose a ring together. Traditionalists, of course, don’t like it, but modern couples are increasingly opting for that step. In order not to think too much and maybe choose the wrong ring, the boys take their future wife to the jewellery store to choose for themselves, so that in the end there would be no unpleasant surprises.

This sounds like a very practical solution. What do you say?